Brand of the Week! – MNTRY Streetwear

Ryan Stevens Review:

Brand of the week goes to Monetary Streetwear a brand based out of Montreal, Canada .The ambitious owner established the brand in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since! With their primary focus on mens apparel this brand is making moves and getting noticed from Canada to the United States and thats just the beginning. With a brand like this there is no limit to how far they can go, definitely adding a unique style to the streetwear game while still continuing to remain classic and true to their roots. Be sure to visit their site and grab a few tee’s



Monetary Streetwear which based out of Montreal, Canada, is the hustle of a 1 man operation with years already banked in the clothing game. Established in 2010, MNTRY is one of a kind in the north for it’s mostly simple street style. The brands main focus is on the Mens upper body, producing Tees, Sweaters, Headwear with some plans on breaking into Womens styles and a small Accessory line in the future.

Inspired by all around Concrete culture, We set out to build a brand to represent the hustle of average teenagers that grind every day towards a positive outcome. Landing hard with it’s original starting slogan being YGGM (Young Gentlemen, Getting’ Money) the brand will never lose sight of that as it continues in it’s 2nd year of operations.

Teaming up with Manufacturers / Printers and Finishers domestic and overseas, MNTRY grinds to bring you a quality product you can represent and wear with your head high.

Hustle Hard. (online shop – with full website/blog dropping soon)
@mntrystreetwear – Instagram

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