Top 10 Cures For Monday-Itis

Top 10 Cures for ‘Monday-itus’

Good morning! Or is it just another Monday where you feel tired, stressed and bored? Are you struggling to start the day and the week because you can’t be bothered to get going? Feeling unmotivated on Monday is common but not beyond your control. You can choose to have a great attitude today.

So here are my top 10 cures to get you energised, internally motivated and living with a sense of purpose as you start your day.

1) Have breakfast. If possible combine the physical sustenance of a healthy diet with a friend and share the love of food and good coffee!! Make sure you get a glass of water in there as well.

2) Do some exercise. A brisk walk will get you more focused. A weights session will give you the energy. You need to spend energy to get energy.

3) Focus on your vision, life purpose and life goals!

4) Write a top ten list of things you want to do today. Make each of the 1440 minutes of today count!

5) Meditate, pray, reflect. Live in the wonder of the new day. The Sun has risen again.

6) Choose a quote, scripture or though that inspires you and focus on in for 10 minutes and let that influence everything you do today and most importantly who you are!

7) Think of 5 things you are grateful for. Appreciate what you have and you’ll find you are happier living with a contentment than with consumables.

8) Be early. Get wherever you are going early. Set a great example to others. Smile as people arrive to work or school today. Be the warm greeter.

9) Find someone and help them with something as soon as you can. You’ll get a psychological ‘lift’ emotionally when you focus on someone else for a moment.

10) Say no to distractions or procrastination. Be courageous. Say no to the many distractions and petty excuses you have that are holding you back from being brilliant. Instead say, “Yes, today I am going to be brilliant!”

If you are up for it why don’t you test yourself and see how many you completed today? How did you score today? Did you complete:

0 – You need to read this blog post every monday for the next month!

1-2 You probably have a slight headache still but are feeling ok as you walk out the door.

3-4 You might still be longing for more sleep but you know there is some good in the world you are about to face.

5-6 You feel like it is Friday! The day is full of important and urgent things to do and you believe you can do anything.

7-8 You feel unstoppable. You can’t tell if its work or play, business or pleasure. You love who are and what you do. You will definitely get the promotion today!

9-10 You think to yourself, ‘Life is brilliant!’ Your mind, body and spirit are interconnected, energised and ready for anything. Today is a day you can be yourself and like it!

How’d you score? What can you do right now to make a change?

Live wisely,

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