Brand of The Week – Barely Broke Intellects (BBI)

Ryan Stevens review:

Barely Broke Intellects is a streetwear brand out of Southern California, a place where there are many brands and it’s hard to stand out. Believe it or not BBI has done the impossible… not only in standing out but in declaring their independence, presenting their message, and making top notch streetwear. BBI found a way to get out of the status quo and make a category of their own, watch out for this brand ladies and gentlemen; they are definitely on the rise!

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Brand Bio:

Founded by Rick Montana, Darron Ayers and Demontre Norwood

Barely Broke Intellects, a clothing line based out of Southern California started in January 2008 when Rick and Darron had a childhood idea for a brand called Barely Broke “which is a strong meaning to us as far as where most people are financially once a business starts”. Childhood friend Demontre had a clothing brand also that he wanted to launch called Intellect clothing “so we just sat down and collab both brands to make it Barely Broke Intellects Clothing, the name of this brand was a perfect addition to the meaning of our line so we did it!” Barely Broke Intellects is a hip and creative innovation of ideas, injecting a spiritual and intellectual revival into a vibrant, trend-setting clothing line. Through our thoughtful and quality clothing, we aim to stimulate minds and hearts by incorporating our roots and art from a ‘not filthy rich, but barely broke’ upbringing and standpoint. The new realm of fashion is no longer just an outlet for clothes to be seen and/or worn. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a movement. We walk around in style while still being conscious of the world and the society we live in. At the end of the day, as long as we have our form of intellectual thinking, we are Barely Broke Intellects. Currently we have out our Spring/Summer 2012 collection “Seeds Of Supremacy” which brushes on the idea that as a brand, we are implanting seeds into a broad industry, which will establish our identity and put us into the path of becoming a supreme brand. Our strongest season to date, we wish to provide bold statements, consistent designs, and a creative return of our Cut & Sew pullovers and jackets (Spring Part 2) further solidifying our brand is unlike any others, for as we embellish a livelihood. Life is a hustle, dress accordingly.

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