Turn A Lake Into A Waterpark With Wibit

With sky high temperatures hitting various parts of the United States, sometimes “staying cool” is a physical act as opposed to a state of mind. With the Wibit Sports Park 60, any mass of water can be transformed into an elaborate waterpark. The inflatable structure boasts obstacles that include a curved bridge, cliff, slide, mini-pond, long jump and high jump areas, trampoline, swing and action tower. Measuring 131 x 105 x 9 ft., this floating mecca should ease the pain and allow you to stay cool while having a blast with friends and family!


One thought on “Turn A Lake Into A Waterpark With Wibit

  1. WOW we need this in NYC—once we have clean rivers again of course. Thanks for subscribing to my blog…unfortunately I changed hosting servers and lost your subscription as a result. Please check out my revamped blog and re-enter your email address to continue to receive new post notifications and style tips. xoLiz

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