“Brand of the Week” X Certified Dress Code

Ryan Stevens Review:

A dope brand that adds new flare and style to the game…The first brand to unveil square neck t-shirts!! The Houston based brand hits the streetwear game with a unique twist, this brand is definitely one I see having a future if the keep the uniqueness up. This gives the brand an advantage and a staple in the market to be well known for… keep an eye out for these guys should be doing big things sooner then most! 


Brand Bio: 

Certified Dress Code LLC is a fairly new clothing brand based in Houston, Texas. We are the first brand to release our patent-pending Square Neck T-Shirts. A creative twist to the good old street fashion. We dig deep within our creative minds to come out with unique designs and apparel which stands out among the rest. The Square Neck T-Shirts are only where we have begun, many more amazing collections coming soon. 
Its more than just T-Shirts– We make Certified Square Neck T-Shirts. 
When Creativity meets Luxury, you get Certified. 
We do sell wholesale orders. Do not hesitate to contact us about retailing, distribution and bulk purchases. Team Square Necks all day!

Be sure to check out this dope new brand HERE! 

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