Cupcakes & Chronic “Brand of the Week”

Ryan Stevens Review – Cupcakes & Chronic is a dope brand out of Vegas with a stream of dope designs. I give this brand mad props for coming out with so many products in such a short time, they offer tons of variety and present a ruthless kind of swag to the streetwear scene. I always have respect for brands that hit the ground running, and hit the scene hard with everything they got, and thats definitely what this brand is doing. I see big things coming from them in the future. Keeps your eyes open this brand definitely isn’t open to sleep on!!! Click on the logo to check out their dope site.. and shop your asses off!


Brand Bio :

Cupcakes & Chronic is a Vegas Made Streetwear Brand, based on quick wit & an edgy-pushing-the-boundaries type of attitude. Established in 2009 & launched in 2012 we have already reached over 75k on our Facebook page & are featured on the internationally known Karmaloop Kazbah & Our Guys, Dolls & Bad Baby Collections have stirred up some controversy with our sass,crass & class! We cover all ages from 6 months old to adults. We represent Las Vegas & the WestCoast to the fullest. Our vast variety of designs will appeal to consumers in every subculture, no matter your interests or lifestyle.

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