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  1. Ryan, I like your work. You have interesting friends to appreciate you. I like them too. My digital media site on “fashion sourcing from emerging markets” is taking time. I am looking for advertisers (global retailers and apparel machinery suppliers). I need your friendly advice. Regards, Jahir

  2. Hi, I have nominated for the Inspiring Blogger Award, because I think you deserve it. Aiempre is good to give a bit of yourself. luck

  3. Hello clothing family. Your clothing line has been invited to an event Hosted by Myself along with “Likeable Assholes” Clothing line owner “DRTheSetta” on March 15th of this year called “W.A.T.T.S” (We.Are.The.Thriving.Sin). I’m looking to book as many local Las Vegas clothing lines as POSSIBLE FOR FREE to NETWORK, MARKET, and SELL their clothing lines at my event which is setup every week or two weeks for ALL of the Sin Cities talent to come out and showcase their talent in either a battle or just to perform. That talent could be rapping, singing, dancing, beat boxing, or even a beast on the mixes. All we ask is that you BRING A BOOTH/TABLE, A TENT OR BANNER, AND AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. If your line is interested and willing to seek more details please contact me at my email me at or my personal number at (702)606-0611 as soon as possible before the event so I can book you guys. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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